30 day ‘new perspective’ package

To quote Mary Poppins (or someone similar) the beginning is the best place to start so that is why I have set up a 30 Day ‘New Perspective’ Package for you all. I really want to help make a difference in the world so I am sharing with you everything that I have learnt and incorporated into my own life and what is the bread and butter for my Headrest project. I took a while to decide price but I have decided to offer it for free, no sign up, no deals etc. All I ask is if you do get some genuine benefit and would like to support me then please become a subscriber or chuck a cheeky donation if you feel to do so at this page…

HeadRest Hippies Patreon Page

What do I need to do?

Video 1 - The Emotional Scale

In this video I talk about one of the most important things I discovered that helped changed my life and my perspective on life…The Emotional Scale. I share with you my understanding of it and how it fits into day to day life. I share how understanding can help you understand yourself, people and things around your more

Video 2 - The Two Sides To your personality (Monkey Chatter)

This video I talk about the two sides to your personality (left and right brain etc) and how one side of the brain seems to batter us with incessant monkey chatter that deflates us and knocks our confidence etc. This is the perfect companion to the 1st video about the Emotional Scale and they dovetail in their importance to helping you see things from a new perspective. I think these 1st two videos are the most important and are the bread and butter to my day to day mindfulness and wellbeing.

Video 3 - The List…Do or let go

After the first two videos talking about more perspective changes, this is the first practical video of something you can physically do to accept and change your life TODAY. Choosing to do something about it or let it go.

Video 4 - Soft Goals

This video talks about looking forward with idea, goals and dreams but with a soft expectation rather than a, “It must happen” as that normally creates angst and slows the whole process down

Video 5 - Top 10 New Choices

The final video where I share my top 10 ‘New Choices’ or ‘Tips’ moving forward now you know what you know.

Free Meditation

Final gift from me is my meditation for you all. The meditation is available on Insight Timer (meditation app on Android and Apple) or you can download by clicking below…