“It is near on impossible to be in Benjamin’s presence and not begin to feel the optimism in life that he radiates. A kind hearted and understanding man whose techniques and perspectives are guaranteed to help.”


aiming to inspire and empower clients to a new life with new ways of thinking and being.

Hello I'm Benjamin, I’m a Mindfulness Consultant & Purpose Coach, not only that but I am one half of The Mindful Gents too. I am passionate about the power of our minds, the reality around us and how it affects our lives. I thrive off assisting others to find their true passion in life and start to really live the life they know deep down is possible. I have online courses and work 1-2-1 with clients too, be it on a personal level or with their small business.

I have such passion in assisting another person to find their inner connection with who they really are and find a purpose in life. Purpose doesn’t have to be saving the world, but by just rediscovering what makes you tick and what makes you happy. I pride myself in covering all areas including lifestyle, mindfulness, thoughts, actions and how life works. Normally just a few tweaks are needed to get back into your groove and start to really enjoy your life. I also don’t mind talking about things not normally talked about, including the true potential of our minds, spirituality and quantum physics…but most importantly how it can change YOUR life.


"If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place" -Lao tzu


My 1-2-1 coaching services


Self employment

I do 1-2-1 small business/Self Employment coaching, where we work together over a 6 week period to switch and change your way of thinking and being - which in turn will mirror outwards into your business allowing it to grow. You can either have adhoc sessions or book them in bulk, depending on what suits. For more information please click below.  


online 6 Week course

I have set up an online ‘6 Weeks of Wonder - Finding your Purpose’ course for people who love remote learning and may not want the personal touch. In this structured course I will share key knowledge on how you and your mind works, techniques, tools to assist you to living a great life and to dreaming BIG. Whether you want to release anxiety or build a business, this course is for you.


1-2-1 coaching

I do work with people 1-2-1, this normally entails of a 2 hours session in person or via Skype. The session is an explanation to mindfulness and tools and techniques to use it in your favour. I share things I have learnt and have worked for me, all concisely shared so after the session you can make small - but massive - differences to your life. Click below for more info.