A Fresh perspective on mindfulnesS & Wellbeing



Hello I'm Benjamin and welcome to Head Rest, a fresh perspective on Mindfulness. I am passionate about the power of our minds and how much it affects our lives. If you think about it, schools teach about the importance of the food we eat and the exercise that we do, but we are not taught how to deal with thoughts, feelings and emotions. Enter me, I am passionate about the importance of our minds and how what we think about ourselves - and the world around us -  really does affect our lives.

I am not a guru or profess to know it all but I aim to give you a new perspective on the whole idea of Mindfulness and how we can use it to improve our lives, businesses and general well being.  I know how mindfulness looks to many...hugging trees, airy fairy rubbish but my aim is to make it all understandable, engaging and useful moving forward. Giving you something practical, real, and life changing to implement in your lives and businesses from today with lifelong positive effects. Below is a mini documentary about me and Headrest, where I chat a bit about me and share some of my core teachings.

What lenses have you got on?

A lot of people talk about how our world starts from within us and then ripples out. I am a firm believer in that and see it evidenced in my life daily. The lens in which we see the world has a massive affect on our personal world, how we feel and what we then do. The lenses we have been wearing we could have been wearing all our life, probably without our knowledge but they shape our world. Maybe a re-focus is in order?


Head Rest is me, Benjamin Stubbs and has been set up to assist people and businesses with mindsets, well being and mindfulness... basically to help people feel better. If you think about it, everything we do, be or want is because we think we will feel better in the having of that thing, situation or request. I like sharing the knowledge that we can feel better NOW without anything around us changing, yes we have the power.

Mindfulness & Wellbeing isn’t anything new but I feel I bring a different perspective on it and have a lot to share. I try my best to make it relatable, engaging and understandable to every I meet.

I have run/performed talks, sessions and workshops on and off for the past 8 year for many different companies and establishments. I have worked with all ages and all levels of employee, from students to management. I thrive off nothing more than feeling I has assisted someone to invest in themselves or their businesses and feel the success. Success means different things to different people but for me it means a happier life, a happier workplace and happier people. Shit days happen but with the right tools and knowledge they become a lot easier to deal with… and life becomes more fun. We are taught what to eat when at school and how to exercise…but we aren’t taught about the mind and well being in general.

Were we taught what to do if we are sad? Or Angry? This is why I love what I do as deep down we all have the power to change our lives but - as cliche as it sounds- it really does begin with us. I will assist you or your employees to understand their minds better and really engage in life and work around them. I don’t profess to know it all or be perfect but I can assure you I will share with you everything I have learnt that has turned my life around. My aim is to give you the metaphorical fishing rods, not just the fish, so you can start to thrive without me.



My passion is helping others to help themselves, to find their own inspiration, wellbeing and zest for life be it in a personal or work environment. I have experience working in education, in business and 1-2-1's too and have packages to assist in every area.  The packages give YOU the power to make a difference in whatever capacity, I want to give you the fishing rods, not the fish.



I have worked with businesses in many forms, be it staff training days or working as a consultant, advising how I would improve the working environment. I can give talks, work 1-2-1 or deliver workshops. In the workshops I share tips, tools and techniques to help improve your staffs' mental well being.  



Working in education for 6 years I understand the pressures the staff and the students can feel. I have used techniques with both Staff and Students to great feedback. I can deliver talks or workshops for staff training days or work with groups of students, performing talks or workshops to improve mental well being. 



I do work with people 1-2-1, this normally entails of a 1-2 hours session in person or via Skype. The session is an explanation to mindfulness and tools and techniques to use it in your favour. I share things I have learnt and have worked for me, all concisely shared so after the session you can make small - but massive - differences to your life.


"If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place" -Lao tzu

It really does begin with us...but could anything be more empowering than that we had the power all along. 


I've had plenty of experience facilitating groups including the following...


It is near on impossible to be in Benjamin’s presence and not begin to feel the optimism in life that he radiates. A kind hearted and understanding man whose techniques and perspectives are guaranteed to help.